Staying Organized With Oh Hello Stationery Co (+ A Coupon!)

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Hands up if one of your 2016 new years resolutions was to get organized? Keep those hands up if you still are trying to figure out a way to do that? Ok, now put those hands down, because this time last year, I was just like you. Once I added on blogging to a full time job, I knew it was time to get serious about getting organized, or else I would start/continue to forget important events and deadlines. Nothing on my phone was working for me, because I realized that typing it didn’t commit it to memory like writing it did, and I just couldn’t remember to check my phone .

Oh Hello Stationery Co

Enter the world of paper planning. Youtube videos, Etsy stores, and a physical creative outlet that I knew I needed. One of the first videos I stumbled upon was from Kayla and when I watched her talk about her planner, I knew I had (finally!) found something that would work for me. I knew I needed to start small (the planner world is easy to get sucked into, which means spending BIG bucks if you’re not careful), and placing an order with Kayla’s shop Oh Hello Stationery Co just seemed like the perfect place to start! (Pssst, if you keep reading to the end, there’s a coupon code for you to use!) I use an hourly planner from Plum Paper, which I adore.

Oh Hello order

Using planner stickers made keeping up with my full time work, social life, blogging, and you know eating and sleeping, feel fun. I love sitting down on a Sunday morning with some music on, and plan out what I want to get done in the upcoming week. I also take my planner with me to work and keep it in my (admittedly large) purse, so that I always have it with me to refer to.

Oh Hello Stationery Co

Since I started planning, I’ve bought from quite a few shops, but Oh Hello Stationery remains one of my favorites! Their stickers are both cute and functional, they are super high quality, and they’re still very affordable in a planner world that can quickly eat into your budget.

If planning is something you’re thinking you want to get into, I can’t recommend it enough! No matter what your day to day is like, there is a planning style for you.

You can order stickers from Oh Hello on either Etsy or their website. I can’t recommend their website enough though, because they also sell washi tape, pens, and other stationary goods! You can get $5 off on their website if you use this link and sign up for an account (which is free!), and if you use the code ‘hellomegano’ when you check out, you’ll also save 10%! Did I hook you up or what?! Now, go forth and venture into the planner sticker world, because its a pretty awesome place.

Oh Hello Stationery Co provided me with some stickers at a discount in exchange for this review, but I’ve spent plenty of my own money before and since this post!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I have several stickers from Oh Hello and love them. I have had to put a limit on how many stickers I purchase otherwise I wouldn’t have any room to write. Thanks for sharing and so glad to find other planner addicts out there!

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