My 101 in 1001 List!

The “Day Zero Project” was established for people who want to make a positive change in their life by completing 101 things in 1001 days. Similar to a bucket list, but with a set time limit, you can check in on my progress below!

Begins: January 1, 2016

Ends: September 28, 2018

Key: In progress, Completed


  1. Grow my Instagram to over 1,000 followers.
  2. Attend a blogging conference. (Proof here)
  3. Grow my Facebook page to over 250 likes.
  4. Get business cards for Hello Megan O! (Proof here)
  5. Guest post on another blog. (Proof here)
  6. Grow my Twitter followers to at least 400.
  7. Create a logo for Hello Megan O!
  8. Create a media kit for Hello Megan O! (Proof here)
  9. Advertise on someone else’s blog. (Proof here)
  10. Host a giveaway on Hello Megan O!
  11. Rewrite my ‘About Me’ page.


  1. Visit 3 new states.
  2. Visit two new countries.
  3. Visit New Orleans.
  4. Visit Philadelphia.
  5. Book a last minute trip somewhere.
  6. Scuba dive.
  7. Visit 5 new museums/galleries/exhibits.(1. Museum of Wine, Burgundy, France)
  8. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. (Proof here)
  9. Visit somewhere new in Canada.
  10. Visit a National Park. (Proof here)
  11. Go to an Oktoberfest celebration.
  12. Find a waterfall, extra points if you swim in it. (Proof here)
  13. Go somewhere I’ve never been to in California.


  1. Become conversational in Spanish
  2. Read 50 books in one year.
  3. Make pie on Pi Day (3/14).
  4. Go to a drive-in movie.
  5. Try a new cuisine. (Proof here)
  6. Have a picnic.
  7. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  8. Watch 26 movies (I’ve never seen) starting with each letter of the alphabet.
    1. A-
    2. B-
    3. C-
    4. D-
    5. E- Eddie the Eagle
    6. F-
    7. G-
    8. H- How To Be Single
    9. I- (The) Intern
    10. J-
    11. K-
    12. L- The Longest Ride
    13. M- Magic Mike
    14. N- Nightcrawler
    15. O-
    16. P-
    17. Q-
    18. R-
    19. S-
    20. T-
    21. U-
    22. V-
    23. W-
    24. X-
    25. Y-
    26. Z-
  9. Have a beer from every state.
  10. Take a photo in any photo booth I come across.
  11. Work on a classic car.
  12. Read a “classic” book that I never read in school or university.
  13. Go geocaching.
  14. Start sending postcards on Postcrossing. (Proof here.)
  15. Buy or create a perpetual calendar, and then fill it out.
  16. Go to a Cirque du Soleil show.
  17. Try 10 new restaurants. (1. Lardo in Portland, Oregon, 2. Stammtisch in Portland, Oregon, 3. Baco Mercat in Los Angeles, 4. Old Crow Smokehouse in Huntington Beach, 5. Urth Cafe in Los Angeles )
  18. Buy a new bike.
  19. Watch a sunrise on the beach.
  20. Make a stuffed toy.
  21. Complete a journaling book.


  1. Run a 10k.
  2. Give up sugar for a week.
  3. Be a vegetarian for a month.
  4. Complete a 30-day yoga challenge.
  5. Get CPR certified.
  6. Give up alcohol for a month.
  7. Unplug for an entire 24 hours.
  8. Give up dairy for a week. (Proof here)
  9. Get back within 15 pounds of my license weight.
  10. Stretch every morning for a month.
  11. Go gluten free for a week.
  12. Buy rollerblades and go rollerblading by the beach.


  1. Get a promotion or a new job. (Proof here)
  2. Find a side hustle (that isn’t this blog).  (Founded see + sonder!)
  3. Finish a Coursera course.
  4. Start a Masters degree. (Proof here)
  5. Take a bartending course.
  6. Attend a professional conference.
  7. Learn how to write a press release.
  8. Create an LLC or sole proprietorship for Hello Megan O.
  9. Get paid for a piece of writing.


  1. Meet with a financial planner.
  2. Get a living will/trust written up and notarized.
  3. Invest in the stock market.
  4. Create a separate savings account and put in 5 dollars every time I complete something on this list.
  5. Create a better, more precise monthly budget.
  6. Have a no spend month on non-essentials.


  1. Move into a new place. (Proof here)
  2. Get new sheets that I absolutely love (even if they’re expensive).
  3. Create a gallery wall with pictures and prints.
  4. Find a place to hang the globe lights I already have.
  5. Re-organize my filling system and shred anything old.
  6. Throw a party.
  7. Cook my way through an entire cookbook.
  8. Create a desk space for working and planning.
  9. Put up a bulletin board to hang above this desk space.
  10. Host a game night.
  11. Make homemade sushi.
  12. Build something from scratch.
  13. Buy/put together a toolkit.
  14. Reorganize my bookshelf and donate/give away any books I won’t read again. Keep only my favourites.
  15. Have a fully stocked bar.

Giving Back:

  1. Buy coffee for a stranger
  2. Leave a 100% tip. (Completed May 17, 2016)
  3. Do 10 RAKs in one day.
  4. Volunteer with Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County.
  5. Discreetly contact a manager about the good work a specific employee has done.
  6. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
  7. Write a nice note and leave it in a library book.
  8. Write a thank you note to someone for something unexpected.
  9. Bring cookies to the local firehouse on a holiday.
  10. Donate at least $10 dollars each month to a different charity. (Jan. 2016- American Cancer Society, Feb. 2016- St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, March 2016- To Write Love On Her Arms, April 2016- Red Cross, May 2016- She’s the First, June 2016- The Trevor Project, July 2016- Everytown for Gun Safety, August 2016- Planned Parenthood, September 2016- CHOC, October 2016- PAWS New York, November 2016- Center for Reproductive Rights,  December 2016- National Immigration Law Center)
  11. Donate to the study abroad scholarship at UCI at the end of each year.
  12. Micro-finance a female-owned business via Kiva. (Proof here)
  13. Buy something else from Krochet Kids.


  1. Write another 101 in 1001 list.