Giving Tuesday: A Time to Be Grateful and Give Back

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Today is Giving Tuesday, which is a day to support your favourite charities! After the excessive-ness of Black Friday, its a nice (and important!) reminder to give back this holiday season. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite charities, all of which I’ll be donating to today. I encourage all of you to give what you can, even if its only $5-10 dollars; it all adds up to help those in need! Even if you can’t give money, give your time. All of these organizations have ways to help them out that are not monetary.

GivingPassport Party Project

I don’t remember where I first heard about Passport Party Project, but I do remember my first thought upon reading it… YES. I have long believed in the power of the passport, and I remember when I realized how lucky I was to have grown up with one. Passport Party Project gives young girls (between the ages of 11 and 15) from traditionally under-served communities their first passport, as well as takes them on an international trip. For all my fellow traveling ladies out there (and everyone else!), you can get involved and donate here.

Make A Wish

Another charity that I adore is Make A Wish, which grants the wish of a child with a life threatening illness. I’ve always known about Make A Wish, but after meeting a good friend of mine who volunteers as a Wish Granter, I learned more and more about this amazing organization. There are many different chapters if you want to donate locally, but the national donation link can be found here. Many children wish for trips around the world (with Disney trips being one of the most popular!), so Make A Wish also accepts donations of airline miles, so if you have any extra of those floating around, you can donate them to a good cause before they expire!

UC Irvine Friends of Study Abroad Scholarship

A personal one for me, the University of California Irvine (my alma mater!) has a scholarship fund that I donate to every year. It’s no secret how much I adored studying abroad, as well as how much it shaped both my career path and my life. A scholarship was what made it possible for me to study abroad, so if I’m able to help someone else study abroad who might not have been able to afford it before, then I’m a very happy camper indeed. You can donate here or visit the UCI Study abroad website here for more information. If you studied abroad or feel that its an important part of being a student, I encourage you to donate to your own alma mater’s study abroad scholarship.

There are so many amazing charities out there, and the most important thing is to remember that no matter how much or how little you have, there will always be a way for you to help out your fellow humans. Go forth and spread some holiday cheer!

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