Snapshot from the Derbyshire Hills

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There’s few places like the English countryside, particularly in the summer. Last month, my family rented a cottage in the tiny town of Youlgrave in the Peak District, and let me tell you, its the perfect location to be in if you want to go for an English ramble. If you’re looking for a place to start your own Derbyshire walk, I’d definitely recommend Youlgrave for a long weekend!

Snapshot from the Derbyshire Hills: Where to get the best views!We went on a few different walks of the area, and it was great to be able to end up back at the cottage (or at the pub for lunch!) after.

Derbyshire walk in the countryside


Derbyshire walk in the countryside

Derbyshire walk in the countryside

One of my favourite parts about walking in England is that public footpaths are required by law, and often go through farms! The sheep and the cows mostly just ignore you, although these ones were bold enough to sit still while I snapped their photos!

Derbyshire walk in the countryside

If you’re interested in visiting¬†Youlgrave and exploring the Peak District, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s the perfect escape from the city hustle and bustle, and getting some exercise in such lovely surroundings means you can have that cider at lunch (and dessert after!) with zero regrets- you’ve earned it!

Have you ever been to the Peak District? What’s your favourite pub lunch after a walk?

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