My Top Ten Instagrams of 2015!

I can’t believe that there are only a few weeks until 2016! I’ll be ringing in the New Year in Portland, Oregon, and to say I’m excited is an understatement! I know you’ve probably seen this type of post floating around the internet, but I love reading them so much, so I hope you all do as well! If you’re not following my Instagram yet, hopefully this post will convince you that you should! Yay, shameless self promo! Now, onto the top ten ‘grams of the year.

10. Somewhere over the continental United States

Starting strong, this is still one of my favourite photos I took this entire year. I remember being pretty emotional on this flight, although I don’t remember why now. I always choose the window seat so that I can watch the world go by. Continue reading

How I Celebrate Fall in Southern California


Fall is easily my favourite season. Summer and I always have a short love affair that ends badly with me calling it terrible names and complaining about the heat and wishing for the sweet relief of cooler days. Now in Southern California we don’t really have a fall that involves changing leaves and our truly cooler, brisk weather won’t show up until winter, so fall to me means the end of the hot nights (hot days are holding on for dear life) and me wearing flannels and beanies even if its still in the 80 degree Fahrenheit range.

So yes, although you can (and should!) do traditional fall things like going to a pumpkin patch and drinking seasonal drinks, in Southern California, we have some other ways of celebrating my favourite season. I also usually take a trip to visit the leaves, somewhere. A girls gotta get her Instagram in real life fix somewhere!

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Is Global Entry Worth the $100 Price Tag?

“Global Entry, please proceed to the end” the sign reads, as I skip past all the lines of people waiting to enter the USA through Customs and Immigration and head to the self-serve kiosk. I hadn’t checked any luggage on my short jaunt south of the border, so I was out to the curb to catch my ride within 15 minutes of exiting an international flight, and I didn’t have to wait in a single line. Sound like a/the dream? I thought so too, until I discovered Global Entry.

Is Global Entry worth the Money

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An Afternoon in Monterey Bay, California!

Last week while traveling for work I had a spare afternoon in Monterey Bay, and having never been, I was excited to explore the area! I stayed right by the Aquarium and Cannery Road, which was perfect for a short visit, but would have definitely gotten too touristy, in my opinion, for any stay over a day.

First, I hit up the aquarium after scoring a free ticket. I really enjoyed it, but the cost of admission is exorbitant, and I’m not sure I’d pay to get in (I believe its $40 a person!). Since I did have a ticket though, I wandered around for a few hours, spending a very large amount of my time there watching the otters and the jellyfish.

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Day Tripping to Tulum!

While staying in Cancun, my friend Elsa and I both knew that we really wanted to visit Tulum. I had built it up in my mind to be this really cool hippy town with an untouched beach and ruins that overlooked it. So we rented an adorable tiny car, packed up a backpack with water and bug spray, and off we went in search of some more ruins and beach time. What we got was pretty great, but it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

Although I really loved the ruins, they weren’t right in town, and getting to them was quite a walk from the parking lot, especially with the heat and humidity. Once we did get there though, I do see why they’re so popular. We had visited Chichen Itza just a few days prior, but I think these ruins were actually much more my style. You could still totally see that this used to be a town, as the grounds here were much smaller and more manageable. Two girls in front of Mayan ruins Continue reading

Visiting Chichen Itza with Experiencias Xcaret

Ancient civilizations aren’t usually my thing (I’m much more of a modern history kinda girl), but when given the opportunity to visit Chichen Itza while in Mexico, I couldn’t pass it up. Plus my mum is a 7th grade teacher, and so she covers Mayan civilizations in her social studies class each year, and from hearing her talk about it, I knew it would be worth the visit. How right we were!

Chichen Itza Continue reading

Book Review: “How Not to Travel the World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker”

How not to travel the world

Have you ever had a misadventure on the road? Maybe you got a flat tire on a deserted road, or you ate some food that made your stomach feel the need to come out of your mouth, or maybe you just got a little lost looking for a train station. Ask anyone who has traveled and I’m sure that they’ll have a story like that, but some people seem to attract bad luck so much more than others.

The air filled with whispers while I could think of only one thing: I was sat inches from a corpse.”

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11 Disneyland Tips and Tricks!

Cinderella's Castle!I recently went to Disneyland with a friend of mine who is Disney obsessed, and had the best trip there I’ve ever had. Now, growing up so close to the park I’ve been a fair few times, but this time I really made the most of it, and I wanted to share some of my tips with you! These are all mostly geared towards a one day visit to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, but could totally be used if you had more time (lucky you if so!).

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Snapshot of Venice Beach!

Venice Beach is one of my favourite places to take out of town visitors. The boardwalk is fun and lively and chaotic, but the real gems hide a few streets away from the beach- the street art is spectacular, there are canals to explore, and Abbot Kinney has some of the cutest stores and restaurants that I can spend hours wandering around.

Cheetah with antlers and three eyes street art Continue reading