Thoughts on Life, Death, and Dia de los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos treatsI’ve always had an interesting relationship with death. I remember being quite young and understanding that everybody dies, and of course as a child, that freaked me out so much. As I grew up, and went to my first funerals, my thoughts got even more complex. I of course felt sadness, but I also felt this sense of confusion. People come together in grief, and as someone who still can’t handle the way most people (in the American society I grew up in) handle their sadness, with so much outward expression, I was very jarred.

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How I Celebrate Fall in Southern California


Fall is easily my favourite season. Summer and I always have a short love affair that ends badly with me calling it terrible names and complaining about the heat and wishing for the sweet relief of cooler days. Now in Southern California we don’t really have a fall that involves changing leaves and our truly cooler, brisk weather won’t show up until winter, so fall to me means the end of the hot nights (hot days are holding on for dear life) and me wearing flannels and beanies even if its still in the 80 degree Fahrenheit range.

So yes, although you can (and should!) do traditional fall things like going to a pumpkin patch and drinking seasonal drinks, in Southern California, we have some other ways of celebrating my favourite season. I also usually take a trip to visit the leaves, somewhere. A girls gotta get her Instagram in real life fix somewhere!

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Book Review: “How Not to Travel the World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker”

How not to travel the world

Have you ever had a misadventure on the road? Maybe you got a flat tire on a deserted road, or you ate some food that made your stomach feel the need to come out of your mouth, or maybe you just got a little lost looking for a train station. Ask anyone who has traveled and I’m sure that they’ll have a story like that, but some people seem to attract bad luck so much more than others.

The air filled with whispers while I could think of only one thing: I was sat inches from a corpse.”

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5 Reads That You Should Definitely Pick Up This Summer!

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Now that summer has officially kicked off, it’s time to bust out some summer reads. For me, a perfect summer day is sitting by a body of water (ocean, lake, or pool, I’m not picky), in the shade, with a cool drink and a book. I figured I’d put together a short list of some of my favourite reads that are great for summer, in case anybody needed some inspiration! Personally, I love book lists, so if you have a similar post, send me the link, I’d love to read it!

Now, without further ado, onto the books!

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Because It’s Father’s Day…

Dear Dad,

First off, Happy Fathers Day! I know I tell you this all the time, and often at the most inopportune moments, but I love you so very much, and I’m so lucky to have a dad like you.

Thank you for instilling in me a love of travel, and teaching me that getting to the airport early means you’ll never be stressed about missing your flight. Thank you for the sacrifices that both you and Mom made so that I was able to spend so much time in England growing up, so that I could fall in love with blackcurrant juice and chocolate spread like the proper english girl I was. Thank you for letting me come back to England to study abroad, even though I know it was hard to have me gone for so long.

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How to Stay Connected in a Digital World

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I’ve been thinking in timezones ever since I was born. Calling family members in England and Australia, as well as all over the US, meant doing some math to figure out if they were sleeping, at work, or (hopefully) at home and able to answer the phone (this was before cell phones after all). I remember the first time I realized, probably around the age of 8 or 9, that most of the other kids in my class didn’t have this problem.

Since then I’ve come up with some ways around this problem, and modern technology has definitely helped. Below, I’ve listed some of the ways I like to keep in touch with friends and family abroad.

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On Ruts, Life, and Balance

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I’ve been in a creative rut, both here and on Instagram. I know, I know, so soon into my foray with blogging and already feeling burnt out. Actually, scratch that, I’d venture to say I’ve just been in a rut in general.  I found myself having trouble prioritizing my 8-5, my family, my sleep, my blog, and a social life. Last night after I got home from work I barely talked to either of my siblings, so fed up with the world, which for those who know me, know is a shock, for even when I’m upset, I’m so extroverted that I need to share it with someone. Continue reading

A Peek into my “Life To-Do List” Image found here.

I have been keeping what I call a “Life To-Do List” since I was a teenager, and its always growing longer! Many of mine are travel-related, although not all. Since I love taking a peek into other people’s lists, I thought I’d share a few of the things I still have to check off!

1. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany.

I’ve always loved whenever I’ve had the chance to visit Germany, and of course I love drinking beer from steins, so Oktoberfest is a natural addition to my list. I want to sing, dance, and drink beer with locals and friends from around the world!

2. Go paragliding.

I’ve always been more than a little bit scared of heights/cliffs, but I’ve also always wanted to go paragliding in the mountains somewhere. I dream about the rush of adrenaline when I take that first running leap, and then the slow journey gliding back down to earth. In my mind, its a magical experience.

3. Eat Thai food in Thailand

Thai food is definitely one of my favourite cuisines to both eat and attempt to cook, and after reading this post about cooking classes in Thailand, I knew I needed to add this to my list! Hopefully I can cook and eat to my hearts content!

4. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina

Back when I was a tour guide at Tanaka Farms (aka the best summer job ever), we had a tomato fight at the end of the season with all the tomatoes that didn’t get harvested for one reason or another. It was both slightly disgusting and amazingly fun, and I knew that I had to take on the big one in Spain at some point in the future!

5. Swim with sharks

Sharks have always fascinated me, growing up by the ocean meant I had a healthy respect for both the water and all the creatures who lived under the sea. Saying that, I would love to be able to get up close and personal with some of those majestic sharks by cage-diving, and hopefully get the chance to see that tooth grin that Great Whites are so well known for.

Do you have a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket? Let me know below!