A Rather Large Life Update!

Hi hello, I don’t if you remember me since it’s been about two months since I last blogged, but I have lots of news. Well explanations. Since it’s been a while. The good news? Most of the reasons I’ve been gone have been very very exciting! So what have I been up to you ask? Life update time!

I founded a company!

see and sonder just go tee

Myself and my great friend/fellow travel blogger Where is Kait founded a travel themed apparel company called see + sonder! It takes a lot more work than I ever thought (there are a lot of permits required to sell stuff!) but it’s been really fun too, especially when you get to work with one of your best friends. The first time I got to wear a shirt that we had designed and created was a pretty cool feeling. I’d love for you to go check it out! As if this wasn’t enough excitement in my life, I also… Continue reading

On Memories and the Magic of City Nights

A few days ago, I came across some old photos on Facebook, and I was instantly transported back to nights in England. I closed my eyes and fell down the rabbit hole that was memory lane…

Shadows in London memories

It’s mid April, six years ago, in London. Myself and a few friends had gone out on a weekday, heading into the city on the last tube as most people are going in the opposite direction. With no drinks in hand, no place we particularly needed to be, our only thought were of wandering the normally crowded streets. Climbing on metal lions, sneaking into fancy hotels, looking at Big Ben and the Eye all lit up from Westminster Bridge, and eventually finding the night bus that would take us back to our beds to warm up. Continue reading

Home is a Feeling

New York Times Globe

When you’re a traveler at heart, when you’ve moved a lot, or even if you just moved once, you probably have thought to yourself, ‘what is home, anyways?’ Personally, after having lived abroad, having friends and family all over the world, and realizing that home can be so much more than an address. Really, home is a feeling. These are some of mine, but I’d love to hear yours in the comments below! Continue reading

Travel Blogging Conference 101 + My Experience at WITS!

Over the weekend, I attended my first ever travel blogging conference, the Women in Travel Summit (WITS)! It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented women who loved the same things I did. I got to hear two amazing keynotes, went to a bunch of super useful sessions, and met some fellow bloggers that I know I’ll be friends with for a long time.

I also learned a lot, and will definitely do a few things differently next year! I’m sharing those lessons I learned here, in case anyone else is thinking of attending a travel and/or blogging conference.

Travel blogging conference motorcycle

Getting ready for WITS 2017, which will be in Milwaukee!

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Staying Organized With Oh Hello Stationery Co (+ A Coupon!)

Hands up if one of your 2016 new years resolutions was to get organized? Keep those hands up if you still are trying to figure out a way to do that? Ok, now put those hands down, because this time last year, I was just like you. Once I added on blogging to a full time job, I knew it was time to get serious about getting organized, or else I would start/continue to forget important events and deadlines. Nothing on my phone was working for me, because I realized that typing it didn’t commit it to memory like writing it did, and I just couldn’t remember to check my phone .

Oh Hello Stationery Co

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Thoughts on Being a ‘Cross-Cultural Kid’

cross cultural kid baby

Yes, that is me in all my tiny human glory. Cross Cultural kid from the start.

Growing up, I clearly remember the first time I realized that I was a little bit different from my peers. I was in fourth grade, everyone was sitting on the floor at the front of the classroom, and people were talking about their plans for winter break, which included things like Disneyland, driving a few hours to visit family at Christmas, etc. I was going to England and Switzerland. It was then I realized that not everyone had parents who both had immigrated to the US, that not everyone had grown up eating food from around the world, that most of my peers didn’t have to think in time zones and go on such long flights to see their grandparents.

I never had a way of identifying what I was, besides different. I knew that I should be happy to be from a family that travels, a family that was so cultural and unique, but as a young teen especially, I rebelled. I wanted to be “normal”. I didn’t want friends to come over and ask what we were having for dinner before they agreed to stay, I didn’t want people to ask about my parents accents, and I definitely didn’t want to be proud of being anything other than a full-blown American after 9-11. It was hard, and although I (thankfully!) grew out of that phase, made friends who were much kinder than middle schoolers tend to be, and realized that I have my own, very screwy accent, I still never knew anyone who was really “like me”.

Or so I thought.

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Blog Goals- Quarter 1 (January-March)

One of my favourite types of posts to read are about blogging, and as we round out 2015 and begin 2016, I thought I’d get my blog goals written down for the first quarter. I know many bloggers do these monthly, but I think quarterly is much more realistic for me and my blogging habits. We all know that I love a good bit of planning, so writing down my goals into manageable (and attainable!) actions seems like just the thing for me! So as we go into the new year, I’m focusing on growth!


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2015 Year in Review!

I know, I know, another year in review post from another blogger, sick of these yet? Sorry in advance if you said yes, because year in review posts are still one of my favourites to read, so I wanted to write my own. Looking forward to making it a tradition, since the end of the year always makes me nostalgic. I start the year often times knowing so little of what is to come, and looking back always puts a smile on my face. So, onward.


For the second year in a row, I rang in the new year in England! I spent most of my time with my good friend Kaitlyn and her family in the country, but also went to London (of course!) and to Cheltenham to visit friends. The rest of January involved coming home to Orange County (on one of my favourite flights ever!) and settling into a new year at work. Continue reading

Giving Tuesday: A Time to Be Grateful and Give Back

Today is Giving Tuesday, which is a day to support your favourite charities! After the excessive-ness of Black Friday, its a nice (and important!) reminder to give back this holiday season. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite charities, all of which I’ll be donating to today. I encourage all of you to give what you can, even if its only $5-10 dollars; it all adds up to help those in need! Even if you can’t give money, give your time. All of these organizations have ways to help them out that are not monetary.

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On Paris, Studying Abroad, and Not Letting Fear Win

Untitled design

Yesterday I stood in front of a classroom full of first year students, who all were a part of the nursing program at one of our campuses, and I told them about the wonders of studying abroad. I told them how the way they saw the world would grow and change, and about how it would make them better health care practitioners, to be able to understand the feeling of not understanding a language that is being spoken to you. I also had to tell them about the dangers of the world, as the tragedy that occurred in Paris was still so fresh in everyone’s mind.

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