A Laotian Meal- A Delicious Way to Spend an Afternoon!

You might remember a few months ago, when I went to the Women in Travel Summit and then raved about how great it was, particularly because I got to meet so many other inspiring women bloggers? Well, one of those amazing bloggers was Darlene, who is currently cooking a meal a week from every single country in the world, going alphabetically, over at International Cuisine. As soon I heard about her project, I was so intrigued! After speaking with her, and pulling up website on her phone (because I had to know more right away!), I found out it’s not just a dish or two. No, Darlene cooks on average 6-7 dishes per country, and also researches the country’s history, current political situation, and so much more. It’s a full course meal and an education on a country every week!

Darlene kindly invited both myself and Jen from World on A Whim over so that we could try a new cuisine. Darlene is currently cooking through the ‘L’s and we got treated to a delicious Laotian meal! This was perfect, as it means that I’ll be able to cross off number 29 on my 101 in 1001 list, try a new cuisine!

Table set with laotian food

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What to Eat in Portland!

Blue Star doughnuts in PortlandEveryone who had been to Portland before me told me to prepare my stomach for an onslaught of absolutely delicious food, and boy, they were NOT kidding. My biggest regret of my time in Portland was that I only had one stomach, and try as I did, I could not taste everything I wanted to.  However,  the food that I did eat (not to mention the beer and coffee!) was so spectacular, I just had to share some of my favourites!

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Derby Pie – Chocolatey, Bourbony Pecan Pie Goodness

As you probably have realized by now, pie is kind of a big deal to me, but I’m insanely picky about the pie that I eat. Crappy pie is a sad sad attempt at the beauty that is GREAT pie. Since I was a young teen, there has been one pie that remains supreme, and that is the Derby pie that I make each Thanksgiving. It’s ridiculously easy, and I’m definitely no food blogger, but this pie deserves its own post. If you need to bring something to any kind of holiday party, either Thanksgiving or Christmas or work or anything (just not anything with under 21s. The booze may or may not cook off…), this should be your go-to.

Thanksgiving spread with stuffing, salad, and pie

The pie in question is on the bottom right of the photo above. Told you I wasn’t a food blogger because I definitely didn’t take photos of me making it, but trust me, it’s lick your lips amazing. After four different people this year alone asked me for this recipe, I figured a post would be easiest. If you make it, please do tag me in any social media posts (@HelloMeganO on both Instagram and Twitter), I’d love to see it!

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Chamisal Vineyard- A Central Coast Must!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I spent the weekend in San Luis Obispo, which is located half-way between LA and San Francisco, in an area known as the Central Coast. This area of California is absolutely stunning; you have gorgeous beaches, lush green hills, fantastic weather, and amazing people. Truly, what more can you ask for?

This area is also known for its vineyards, and many of them host tastings, and when some friends suggested stopping by Chamisal Vineyards to spend an afternoon outside sipping wine on the patio, I was instantly sold! The tasting room is in a beautiful, red, barn-like building, with gorgeous views of the vineyard on both of their patios. It truly was a great way to spend an afternoon!

There were lots of places to sit and enjoy your wine and nibbles, but as it was such a gorgeous day, most people choose to sit in the sun!

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