Finding Bookstore Nirvana at The Last Bookstore

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Books are easily one of my favourite things in the world, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I think that bookstores are actual heaven on earth. I mean yes, I love Amazon as much as the next girl, but there’s nothing like going to an independent bookstore, especially a used bookstore and perusing the options. All the stories have stories, ya know? What more could you want?

The Last Bookstore LAWhen I first heard about The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, I knew I needed to make a trip. Books and vinyl and art, all in one place? Yes please. 

The Last Bookstore LA

The Last BookstoreThe Last Bookstore has new and used books all mixed together, which I love. It’s also just the coolest place to explore, with something new around every corner. The horror books are all in a separate room that looks like a bank vault!

Last Bookstore top floorThey also have a bunch of independent art pop up shops upstairs, which I loved. Local artists hell yeah! They also have a section specifically for LA writers, if you really want to read local!

Last Bookstore LAI restrained myself and only got two books, but I easily could have walked out with WAY more. Powells in Portland remains my favourite bookstore ever, but The Last Bookstore is pretty high on the list now too!

Have you ever been to The Last Bookstore? What book would you pick up if you visited?

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