Blog Goals- Quarter 1 (January-March)

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One of my favourite types of posts to read are about blogging, and as we round out 2015 and begin 2016, I thought I’d get my blog goals written down for the first quarter. I know many bloggers do these monthly, but I think quarterly is much more realistic for me and my blogging habits. We all know that I love a good bit of planning, so writing down my goals into manageable (and attainable!) actions seems like just the thing for me! So as we go into the new year, I’m focusing on growth!


  1. Grow my instagram followers to 700.

Currently sitting at 629 followers at the time of writing, I plan on doing this by increasing my relevant hashtag use, by networking with other bloggers, and by following some more people! I also am going to do a big clear out of anyone I’m following who is either no longer active or posts content that doesn’t interest me. If you’re not already following my Instagram, this is the perfect chance to fix that! :)

2. Get 150 likes on my Facebook page

This one is a bigger stretch, as I find getting Facebook likes difficult, but since its where most of my traffic is coming from, I know its an area worth working on. I’m currently at 105 likes, and to increase that I’m going to finally try using Facebook advertising, try to work with other bloggers for some mutual love (i.e., I shoutout you and you shoutout me), and invite anyone who interacts with my page who hasn’t already liked it. You can like my Facebook page here!

3. Plan content better, at least a week in advance

For someone who likes being organized, I’m pretty terrible at planning content out in advance, even though I know how much better my blog is, not to mention the peace of mind I get from knowing what I’m going to be posting! Since I post twice a week (and one of those is almost always my Weekly Wrap Ups, which will still exist in the new year but are going to be rebranded with a better name!), it shouldn’t be too hard to get content pre-written and ideas on paper in advance. Ideally, I’ll be sitting down at the end of the month and planning out all of the next month’s content.

4. Get some kind of white backdrop for my photos

This one is really straight forward, but basically I do a decent amount of flat lays, and not having a white backdrop makes it hard. I’ve seen people use the #WhiteBloggerRug, but even just some white fabric on poster board would probably work for me. We’ll see what I come up with.

Do you have any blogging goals for the new year, or a new years resolution? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Blog Goals- Quarter 1 (January-March)

  1. Dia@ All The Things I Do says:

    I am a huge planner but have never thought of breaking my goals up quarterly. I have my long term blog goals, yearly goals and then weekly/monthly expectations but hadn’t considered this. Seems like a great way to check your status on your goals and make adjustments to them or the way you are trying to achieve them.
    I am finally getting back to the habit of having a plan about my posts. I have the schedule for up to the first 2 weeks in January…which is good considering some of November and December’s posts got banged out that morning.
    Good luck in your 1st quarter!

  2. Laura says:

    I’m SUCH a bad blog planner. I usually sit down on the day and just write what I feel like. Sometimes if I’m really motivated I’ll write a few days in advance, but planning posts really early doesn’t work well for me – I find it hard to produce content that way I guess- although I REALLY need to be better at it – it’s such a time saver!!

    • HelloMeganO says:

      I just like to have an idea, I don’t often write the post until a day or two before, and I often change my mind haha. I do want to create some “rainy day” type posts, for those days when I have zero motivation and/or my plan falls through.

  3. Jenn McClure says:

    Hey!!! I am new to your blog via The Blogger Life. I really enjoyed this post that you shared. I did my 2016 yearly goals around Christmas and I am sharing my monthly goals this week. I like that you do quarterly goals, I might have to look into that. I like the goals that you shared, I also need to get a photo backdrop! My plan is just to get some poster board to start out with. I also need to work on planning posts ahead of time.

    Love, Jenn

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