Snapshot from the Death Valley Super Bloom!

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About a week ago I got a text from my friend Ellie asking me if I wanted to trek out to Death Valley to the super bloom that everyone had been talking about. Of course, being the lover of road trips, picnics, and national parks that I am, I was immediately up for it.  I knew that having realistic expectations was important, and I also knew we were probably about a week too late, but I was still so excited to see the flowers that were there, and for the road trip to and from. Expectations perfectly set y’all, because it was a great weekend.

Death Valley Super Bloom

It’s hard to imagine how barren Death Valley would look without these flowers, but its not hard to guess where it got its name, it was HOT!

After getting our flower fix, we drove through most of the Valley, making sure to stop at the Badwater Basin as well. If you haven’t been to Badwater (or haven’t heard of it!) it’s the lowest point in North America. Ellie and I of course found the sign and took pictures with it.

The ground is covered in salt, making for some really cool photos (although it was slammed with people) The water in the picture below is the run off from the whole valley, which only gets a few centimeters of rain a year. The salt and other minerals collect as the water makes it way down through the valley.

Death Valley Badlands

Death Valley Badlands

Have you ever been to Death Valley? What’s your favourite road trip memory? 

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