Snapshot from the Derbyshire Hills

There’s few places like the English countryside, particularly in the summer. Last month, my family rented a cottage in the tiny town of Youlgrave in the Peak District, and let me tell you, its the perfect location to be in if you want to go for an English ramble. If you’re looking for a place to start your own Derbyshire walk, I’d definitely recommend Youlgrave for a long weekend!

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Visiting the Medieval French Towns of Fontainebleau and Moret-Sur-Loing!

Visiting Medieval French Towns

On my recent trip to France, I spent two nights and one day exploring the medieval French towns of Moret-sur-Loing and Fontainebleau, and let me just say that 15 year old Megan sitting in AP European History would have been in HEAVEN. I’m usually more of a modern history gal, but these two towns were just so charming! The best part, these towns are only about an hour and a half drive from Paris, so you could also easily do them as a day trip from the capital!  Continue reading

Quarter 3 Blog Goals!

This wasn’t the greatest quarter for my blog in terms of growth and blog goals. I left WITS feeling super motivated, and then life happened. I launched a company, I was applying for new jobs and for graduate school, and the ol’ blog took a back seat. Good news though, I’m back on track now. I really missed sitting down at my computer, writing about my travels and what I was up to. So I go into the 3rd quarter of the year (sidenote, can’t believe it’s July already!) with lots of ideas and ways to spruce up Hello Megan O!

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A Laotian Meal- A Delicious Way to Spend an Afternoon!

You might remember a few months ago, when I went to the Women in Travel Summit and then raved about how great it was, particularly because I got to meet so many other inspiring women bloggers? Well, one of those amazing bloggers was Darlene, who is currently cooking a meal a week from every single country in the world, going alphabetically, over at International Cuisine. As soon I heard about her project, I was so intrigued! After speaking with her, and pulling up website on her phone (because I had to know more right away!), I found out it’s not just a dish or two. No, Darlene cooks on average 6-7 dishes per country, and also researches the country’s history, current political situation, and so much more. It’s a full course meal and an education on a country every week!

Darlene kindly invited both myself and Jen from World on A Whim over so that we could try a new cuisine. Darlene is currently cooking through the ‘L’s and we got treated to a delicious Laotian meal! This was perfect, as it means that I’ll be able to cross off number 29 on my 101 in 1001 list, try a new cuisine!

Table set with laotian food

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A Rather Large Life Update!

Hi hello, I don’t if you remember me since it’s been about two months since I last blogged, but I have lots of news. Well explanations. Since it’s been a while. The good news? Most of the reasons I’ve been gone have been very very exciting! So what have I been up to you ask? Life update time!

I founded a company!

see and sonder just go tee

Myself and my great friend/fellow travel blogger Where is Kait founded a travel themed apparel company called see + sonder! It takes a lot more work than I ever thought (there are a lot of permits required to sell stuff!) but it’s been really fun too, especially when you get to work with one of your best friends. The first time I got to wear a shirt that we had designed and created was a pretty cool feeling. I’d love for you to go check it out! As if this wasn’t enough excitement in my life, I also… Continue reading

On Memories and the Magic of City Nights

A few days ago, I came across some old photos on Facebook, and I was instantly transported back to nights in England. I closed my eyes and fell down the rabbit hole that was memory lane…

Shadows in London memories

It’s mid April, six years ago, in London. Myself and a few friends had gone out on a weekday, heading into the city on the last tube as most people are going in the opposite direction. With no drinks in hand, no place we particularly needed to be, our only thought were of wandering the normally crowded streets. Climbing on metal lions, sneaking into fancy hotels, looking at Big Ben and the Eye all lit up from Westminster Bridge, and eventually finding the night bus that would take us back to our beds to warm up. Continue reading

Snapshot from LA City Hall

LA City Hall

You guys, I’m going to let you in on a downtown Los Angeles secret. LA City Hall has a totally free observation deck, and its got the best views of downtown I’ve ever seen. I grew up going to Griffith Observatory, which I do love, but the views from City Hall were spectacular! If you’re scared of heights, prepare yourself, because there’s nothing beyond a railing to keep you from a 27 floor drop. But hey, if I can do it so can you. Just make sure you don’t drop your phone!

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Quarter Two Blog Goals!

Where oh where has the first quarter of the year gone!? I know everyone says this, but this year is flying by. I was listening to Emma Gannon’s new podcast earlier, and Liz Gilbert, of Eat Pray Love fame was the guest, and she said something that completely resonated with me- “A sign of happiness is when time moves fast. My best wish for our life… is that it goes by in like, ten seconds. If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, with people you’re supposed to be with, feeling the gratitude and the flow, then a year goes by in five seconds. And so the best weird prayer that I can hope for people, is that their life is moving by too fast.” So in that vein, how lucky am I to have a year that is going so fast. Onwards to the blog goals!

Blog Goals

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Home is a Feeling

New York Times Globe

When you’re a traveler at heart, when you’ve moved a lot, or even if you just moved once, you probably have thought to yourself, ‘what is home, anyways?’ Personally, after having lived abroad, having friends and family all over the world, and realizing that home can be so much more than an address. Really, home is a feeling. These are some of mine, but I’d love to hear yours in the comments below! Continue reading

Travel Blogging Conference 101 + My Experience at WITS!

Over the weekend, I attended my first ever travel blogging conference, the Women in Travel Summit (WITS)! It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented women who loved the same things I did. I got to hear two amazing keynotes, went to a bunch of super useful sessions, and met some fellow bloggers that I know I’ll be friends with for a long time.

I also learned a lot, and will definitely do a few things differently next year! I’m sharing those lessons I learned here, in case anyone else is thinking of attending a travel and/or blogging conference.

Travel blogging conference motorcycle

Getting ready for WITS 2017, which will be in Milwaukee!

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